Houston Journal of Health Law & Policy
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Board of Editors XXI

Daniel Gonzalez Editor-in-Chief
John Ngunjiri, Managing Editor
Rachel Arco, Chief Notes & Comments Editor
Lizzie Hardage, Chief Articles Editor
Simone De Lacy, Outreach Editor
Harneet Kaur, Publications Editor
Sean Jensen and Siara Dodd, Head Senior Articles Editors
Stefan Guerrero, Marcos Sonthay, Sylvia Craven, Maryse Rodriguez, Emily Hall, Senior Articles Editors
Jackie Riff and Rahul Rao, Notes & Comments Editor

Advisory Board
Jessica Mantel, J.D., M.P.P., Faculty Advisor

Founding Board of Editors
Mary Anne Bobinski, J.D., L.L.M, Faculty Advisor
Heather Morlang, Editor-in-Chief
Laurel Thorpe, Managing Editor
Jessica Strickel, Chief Notes & Comments Editor
Alexander Hecht, Chief Articles Editor
Gail Rodgers, Business Development Editor
Christopher Lewis, Publications Editor
Marilyn Marsen, Senior Articles Editor
Jessica Beinart, Lucia Romano-Ostrom, Notes & Comments Editors
Deborah Housel, Associate Editor
William Bailey, Tiffany Kithcart, Lois Miller, Debra Wilkinson, Line Editors